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I Am New

Crestview Baptist Church is one of the most exciting churches in central Florida.  We are made up of people just like you - we succeed and we fail, we have good days and not so good days, we do what we should and sometimes what we should not ... and we have found a family called Crestview.  You’ll find that we worship a God who loves us just like we are - and loves us so much that He doesn’t want us to stay like we are.  He is a God who has provided a way for our deepest needs to be met and a way to give us purpose in life, as we meet the needs of those around us.

If you visit us at Crestview, you will quickly come to notice that we are no ordinary church.  As a matter of fact, I believe you will find a lot of things about our church to be extraordinary.  All of our services have one thing in common and that is to lift up Jesus - “When He be lifted up, He will draw all men unto himself.”  Nearly every week lives are being changed, families are being restored, and people are being touched by the power of Christ.  You will experience relevant preaching, passionate worship, and a loving fellowship.  You also will come to learn there is something for you and your entire family at The View.  “It’s a place where everybody is somebody and nobody is more important than anyone else.”  From the smallest child to the oldest adult, rich or poor, red or yellow, black or white, you matter here.  Come discover a great church where there is a place waiting for you.  We have a great staff and competent leadership that is looking forward to serving you and your family.  Come be a part of this wonderful fellowship.

In Christ alone,

Bro. Dave Renfroe
Senior Pastor



Question:  What denomination is this?
We are a part of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Question:  What kind of music is enjoyed in your church?
Our music is victorious, energetic, and God-focused.  Leading the church in worship, the praise team, band, and choir work together to form a seamless integration of vocal and instrumental talent that edifies the name of Jesus.  Our various worship services provide individual worshipers with a variety of different music styles.  During the course of a regular worship service, you may find people bowing in worship, raising hands in praise, clapping in celebration, and singing out in victory. 
Question:  Does it matter what I wear to your church?
Absolutely not!  We do ask that you dress modestly, but you can wear anything from jeans to suits.  Just dress however you are comfortable.     

Question:  Do you have something special planned for my kids? 
We sure do!  Our preschoolers, age birth through age 4 are cared for during the worship services by trained, capable, and loving hands.  We have Sunday School classes for all age groups at 9:15 a.m. each Sunday.  During our 10:30 a.m. service, we have Children’s Worship for children age Kindergarten through grade 5.  And our youth, grades 6 - 12 have Sunday School on Sunday morning and worship on Wednesday evenings.  

Question:  How can I get involved?
As you can see, there are many ministries that you can be a part of here at Crestview.  Do you have a passion or strong desire to serve in a certain area?  Just call the church office, 863.858.3314, or contact us at, and we will get you hooked up.  Click to visit our Ministries list and see places you can serve.

Question:  How do you pay the bills?
Crestview Baptist Church depends on God’s people to “pay the bills.”  As God’s people give through their tithes and offerings, we are able to provide ministry and reach out to the people in our community.

Meeting Times

Sunday Worship
8:00 AM and 10:30 AM
Sunday LIFE Groups
9:15 AM
Wednesday Dinner
5:00 PM
Wednesday Worship
6:30 PM
Wednesday Activities
6:15 - 7:30 PM
Crestview Students
6:15 - 7:30 PM